Realtors & Brokers

Have you been burned by a short sale recently? Have you spent months working on a short sale contract only to have the deal die or the buyers walk away because it took so long? Did you swear to yourself that you would NEVER do another short sale deal again? IRES has a program you will want to hear!

We have perfected our short sale negotiation process so thoroughly that we are confident in our ability to get your short sale contract approved FAST.

No more spending hours on the phone with Banks wasting your time tracking down the right person. No more faxing and refaxing document after document only to be told “We never received it, could you please send it again.” No more time lost doing processing work when you should be out getting more listings. And the best part of it all is, YOU GET TO KEEP 100% OF YOUR COMMISSION FOR DOING LESS WORK!

Do not waste another day working with second rate negotiation companies or trying to do your own deals. Let IRES take all of the guesswork out of the short sale market and make you the absolute most money possible. We are so sure we are the best, we guarantee it!

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