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In order to submit your short sale, you will need to use our documents. If you have any questions about any of these forms, or why they are necessary, please click on Frequently Asked Questions. To submit a short sale, please fax the package to (number) or email them to

In order to do your short sale, we need a complete set of documentation. We will not initiate anything on incomplete files. Next, we will determine if the offer is one that the lender is likely to consider. If the offer is at least 80% of the price, your file will automatically qualify. If it is lower, we will need a one or two paragraph reason why the offer is a good one. The reason for this is that we have credibility with lenders. We do not waste their time. As a result, we get faster approvals.

When a file is opened, our title company will run a preliminary title search to see what liens are attached to the property. They will figure out the mortgage amounts due, contact the homeowners association, if any, and figure out how much the banks will net in a short sale. They will do an initial HUD-1 and figure out how much the holding costs are for the bank on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. One of the conditions of the transactions is that our title company, that does business in all 50 states, provide title on the short sale.

Finally, we need to hold onto buyers. Lenders have toughened lending standards so we need assurance that the buyer is real. For this reason, we do not accept buyer pre-qualification letters where the buyer has not gone through credit review. Instead, we will only accept pre-qualification letters with credit review, pre-approavals or approval letters. If you have a cash buyer, we will need proof of funds. If you cannot get this easily, please click here to get a buyer pre-approved.

If you have any questions about any of these forms, or why they are necessary, please click on Knowledge Center.

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